About the Author

Hi! My name is Hazal Doruk. I was born and raised in Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Australia. My parents, who are of Turkish descent, migrated to Australia in the late 70’s in the hope to create a better life for themselves and their future family. My brother, Ezel, who is a very talented actor and creative, and I, are extremely grateful for the sacrifice our parents made in moving to Australia. Leaving behind family and friends was never easy for them. Lucky for us, mum and dad took us to Turkey on numerous occasions growing up so that we got to know our relatives and the motherland. The connection I have with my relatives and Turkey’s rich culture, however limited it may be, will never leave me.

I grew up much like any other first generation citizen, attempting to make sense of the “status quo” at home versus the “status quo” that existed beyond the four walls of the family home. Not to mention the third variable in the triad, who did I want to be, what was my truth? Often, I found myself caught in the middle of these three worlds… and caught red-handed doing things that my parents didn’t approve of. But do you think that stopped me?  Nope! I was too curious. What is this thing called life anyway??

An old soul, and one who wore my heart on my sleeve, my favorite pass time as a young adult was falling in love. And out of love, and back in, and out… a true romantic… constantly searching for my fairy tale ending… or was it my love for drama perhaps? Hmmm… I think my close friends know the answer to that one.

Fast forward a few years, a degree or two, a broken heart or three, right when life was at rock bottom, a dear friend of mine gave me the most amazing birthday gift anyone could have ever given me. He paid for me to do a personal development course that would totally upset the course of my life, in the best possible way! I did the course and unlocked pain and suffering that had haunted me since I was a little girl. I released hurt that I didn’t even know I was holding on to, and the dis-empowering beliefs I’d had about myself and my life disappeared. I was free!

Fast forward again, and I’d just spent the last two years doing all the courses I could fit in to my schedule. Releasing pain and suffering, unlocking my potential, my power and my happiness became truly addictive. Not to mention I met the most amazing people along the way! I was on such a roll that the company I was doing the courses with asked me to come on staff, so I did! And it was in that space that I met my now husband. The most loving, hard-working, generous, kind and humble man I know. And boy can he cook! I definitely hit the jackpot when I met him.


So here I am, ready to share myself with the world… one reveal at a time. In the hopes that it will make a difference.


H x

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