Little Nuggets

Have you ever been mid conversation with somebody, listening intently to what they are sharing with you when they casually say something in passing that stuns you, hits you to the core, and jolts your very existence?

Or have you ever just been minding your own business, contemplating how you’re going to deal with the fact that you’re really upset with a friend or family member, and then out of nowhere, BOOM! That phrase, quote, line or saying that someone once told you years ago in one of those casual conversations hits you like a tonne of bricks, just makes sense, and you think, holy shit, that’s what that meant!

You might call these moments insights, breakthroughs or light bulbs going off. But now, after hearing someone talk about them in this way, I like to call them Little Nuggets (of Gold).

So welcome again to My Lifetime Subscription blog. Featuring: Little Nuggets, the term formerly known as Insights (tips hat to Prince). Little Nuggets have the power to shape my beliefs and way of relating to the world. They can alter my actions and inspire my visions- not to mention inspire the things I write about in order to share with you.

My Lifetime Subscription is my ode to Little Nuggets.


H x


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