Welcome to My Lifetime Subscription

The journey through life is a weird and wonderful thing. At times it is horribly terrifying, yet in other moments, it is able to elicit a feeling of ecstasy so strong, it seems as if our hearts will explode with love. Oh, and did I mention the infinite number of other emotions we go through in between?

It can be a confusing journey, and for me, a lot of the time, it is just that.

This blog is dedicated to all the people in my life. My family, my close friends, my lovers and the people who challenge me. It is on this forum that I choose to make sense of life, to ask questions, to share myself, my passions and my vision for the world.

My intention is to not only expand on my understanding of my self and the universe (no biggie), but more importantly, to make a difference to those that read it. To make life that little bit less confusing for you, and maybe even make you feel a little safer as you navigate your way through your own trials. We are all human, so despite colour, beliefs, country of origin, age, sex or sexual orientation, we are all connected. What you do to others, you do to yourself, and vice versa. We all want love, shelter, meaningful relationships, peace and happiness. If I’m thinking something, I can guarantee there is someone else out there who is thinking about it or has thunk about it before.

This blog will feature shares that are inspired by my personal experiences, thoughts, feelings, insights, breakdowns and breakthroughs. In no way do I assume that your truth is the same as mine. After all, I have a lifetime subscription to me, and you have a lifetime subscription to you… paradoxically, it is our overlap and ability to connect with each other on our common ground that enables us to find peace. And creating peace is something I’m definitely interested in being a part of!

What ideas, dreams, desires and thoughts do you subscribe to on your heart’s journey through life?

Join me in sharing mine with you.


H x


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